Rasmussen PicCrane Trust is pleased to announce Rick Rasmussen as our featured artist of the month in the Hornady Art Gallery during May, June and July.

Rick is a life long native of Central Nebraska. He has been an avid nature and wildlife photographer since his early high school days. As a recipient of numerous awards, including two international awards in Nature’s Best Magazine, Rick’s images demonstrate his enthusiasm and appreciation of nature. His photographic experiences are truly in the wild and not part of any zoo or domesticated habitat. His goal is to show wildlife in their natural habitat with no disturbance on his part whatsoever. Rick has traveled to many areas of the western US, Canada, Alaska, Iceland and Antarctica, but his favorite place on the planet is Nebraska, where the diverse landscapes and wildlife are like no place else on Earth.

Rick lives with his wife, Lori and their two dogs, Red and Genie, on an acreage near the Platte River. If you’d like to learn more about Rick and see his work, stop by the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center’s Hornady Art Gallery this summer.

Rasmussen - 6498 Rasmussen #24












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