Aug/Sept Artist of the Month

self portraitCrane Trust is pleased to announce Tina Simeon as our featured artist through October.

Tina is a self taught artist and has been drawing since she could first hold a pencil. Her favorite medium is graphite but also does quite a bit of work in pen and ink. She likes these two mediums because of the incredible detail she can express with them. She feels detail is how she can show the emotion and beauty that draws her to her subjects.

Tina grew up on a farm in western Nebraska, and still resides there at the edge of the Sandhills ranching country. The abundance of wildlife, the scenery, and the ranching way of life give her an endless source of inspiration for her artwork.

Tina enjoys portraying a wide variety of subjects as she feels they hold a wealth of untold stories. She feels compelled to put these stories down on paper for everyone to see and feel.

Tina hopes that through her artwork, people will see the beauty she sees in the everyday life all around us. She also hopes by seeing this beauty and by hearing the stories she’s trying to tell, people will be more aware that we need to preserve what we have before it is too late.

Tina_Simeon_Art2Please visit us to enjoy Tina Simeons’ work which is located in the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center.

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