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Letter from the President: Holiday Greetings!

Chuck Cooper, President & CEO

It seems that at the end of each year I am amazed at the new friends the Trust has made, the progress we have made on saving critical habitat, while remaining aware of the new challenges that approach in the coming…

Reflecting on a Year at the Crane Trust

Andrew Caven, Lead Biologist

At year-end, we all tend to take stock of what has passed to evaluate and to reflect on the year’s happenings. This was my first year at the Crane Trust and I’ll always remember my first day last February — I was…

Biological Monitoring Discoveries

By Kelsey King, R.E.A.C.H. Intern

Kelsey King setting up a camera trap to monitor mesocarnivores.

The Crane Trust science team devoted many field hours to implement and carry out long-term biological monitoring this past summer. Beginning in May, the R.E.A.C.H. grant (Research Experience to Achieve Conservation of…

Logistics Behind Tending to Bison Health and Research

Tim Smith, Land Manager

Working to restore both the vision and the relationship bison once had with the central Platte River was bound to be a learning experience for the Crane Trust. This was the first time Crane Trust staff put our working facility, our knowledge…

VIP Tours to the Migration and Beyond

What seemed like a dream two years ago is now a vibrant reality: Through the VIP Crane Experience, the Trust is hosting over 250 visitors overnight in our Lauritzen and Union Bank & Trust Cabins during March. It has been gratifying to offer people from points near and far…

From the President: Please Come Stand With Us

Dear Friends:

The end of summer is in sight and with that we are already planning for our next crane season.  The two four-bedroom cabins we built last year are filling up fast and a new VIP cabin is planned for the coming year. These are exciting times!

However, along with…

Goals within R.E.A.C.H.

A Synopsis of an Up-and-Coming Botanist and His Internship Experience at the Crane Trust
By Joshua Wiese, R.E.A.C.H. Intern

Josh Wiese pressing plants from a vegetation survey.

Personally, college courses can only offer so much when it comes to professional education. College provides the backbone for a career, however…

Observing the Crane Trust’s Growing Bison Family

By Katie Leung, Bison R.E.A.C.H. Intern, and Andrew Caven, Lead Biologist

As a rule, young bison start to become independent from their mothers once they turn about a year old. This often differs slightly between yearling male and female bison; male bison become independent a little bit earlier on average….

Distant Relatives- Strange Plants and their Families

Andrew Caven, Lead Biologist

Our initial monitoring surveys during the 2015 growing season unveiled a couple of cool plants, both of which are new to the Crane Trust’s species list — Enchanter’s Nightshade and Lopseed. Below I describe the process I went through to conduct these…

Invasive Weed Management

Tim Smith, Land Manager

In the 1870s, Canada thistle was the first species listed as a noxious weed in Nebraska. Since that time, farmers, ranchers, and other landowners have been dealing with this issue using the best tools available to them. In the early years, some…