Crane Trust is Hosting VIP Experience for Rare Total Solar Eclipse

An extremely rare total solar eclipse is coming to the United States on August 21, 2017. Only 14 total solar eclipses have touched U.S. soil in the last one hundred years, the last one occurring in 1991. The Crane Trust is located on the path of totality, which means guests at the Crane Trust will see what is perhaps one of the most phenomenal sights, being able to view totality bare-eyed in this thin path and for one of the longest durations than anywhere else in the path. If you’re not in the path, even by only a mile, you will miss the total eclipse.

Individuals fly to the remotest deserts, frozen lands and desolate islands just to be in the path of a total eclipse, but not our guests. Our guests will relax comfortably during their all-inclusive experience. A minimum two-night stay on August 20th -21st with an opportunity to add on additional days to participate in excursion experiences such as fat biking, kayaking, hiking and more. The Lauritzen and Union Bank & Trust cottages, which offer private accommodations with eight fully, furnished bedrooms and private bathrooms, and walkout porches and kitchenettes, starts at $1,500/room for two nights. The next level up is the Bay Family Suites which offers two adjoining suites, each with king size beds in the bedroom, dual sink bathrooms, kitchen, porch, and pond with dock and fire pit starts at $2,500/suite for two nights. This cost also includes meals, beverages, live music, eclipse speakers and most importantly, helps support the Crane Trust’s conservation efforts.

For more information or to book your stay, call Ben Dumas at (308) 382-1820.