While the great Sandhill Cranes migration makes the Crane Trust an incredible destination during the month of March, there is much more to experience here year-round. The Trust now offers a variety of exciting and educational excursions on the prairie!

Known as the home to the largest Sandhill Crane roost in the world and a safe haven for Whooping Cranes, the Crane Trust also has a herd of over 70 genetically pure bison roaming the property as well as a large number of other birds and wildlife spanning across this historical tall-grass prairie. This complex and rare ecosystem makes the Crane Trust a great destination during any time of the year.

With the addition of the VIP Excursion Program, guests of the Crane Trust are invited to participate in a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive experience that will allow them to explore an area of rare and critical habitat like never before.

IMG_8586-psIncluded in the VIP Excursion Program are overnight lodging, meals, and two guided excursions of the guest’s choice. With eleven excursions ranging from fat biking and kayaking, to guided photography and bird watching, there is an experience at the Crane Trust for everyone. Explore all your options on the new excursion site:


“We designed this experience to allow guests to touch and truly experience one of the last historic tallgrass prairies in Nebraska,” said Chuck Cooper, President/CEO of the Crane Trust.

Contact the Crane Trust Excursion Manager, Ben Dumas, at (720)284-8432 or email for more information about booking your excursion today.