Nature Trails

Every year, thousands of visitors and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world converge on the Crane Trust and its nature and visitor center to experience the Great Sandhill Crane Migration—and the extraordinary habitat that draws these ancient birds back again and again to this narrow stretch of the Platte River. While the cranes head north to their nesting grounds in the spring, the wonder and beauty of the land remains for the rest of us to enjoy until they return.

Crane Trust Nature TrailsRun wild on the Nebraska prairie where American bison and other wildlife continue to roam. The Crane Trust has up to 10 miles of mowed grassland trails crisscrossing the prairie for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities to experience the unique tall grass prairie and riverine habitat, and explore Nebraska’s historic Shoemaker Island. This beautiful expanse of native Platte River habitat has gone virtually unchanged for more than a hundred years; come experience a land where flowering plants, birds and other native wildlife flourish.