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The Crane Trust depends on the generous support of friends like you to ensure the endangered Whooping Crane, Sandhill Cranes, and other migratory birds continue to thrive along the Platte River for years to come.

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Consignment Items

Includes: framed photographs, canvas, prints, etc. from local artists

Julie Crocker

Julie Crocker is a rural Nebraska native. Her art is recognized nationwide. She has won numerous local and state awards including: Ducks Unlimited 1988 Nebraska Artist of the Year and Ducks Unlimited Sponsor prints, 1993 and 1995 Nebraska Habitat Stamps, 1990, 1994 and 1996 Nebraska Trout Stamps, 1993 Award of Excellence Fonner Grand Visions Art Show, 1995 Featured Artist at the IMAX Theatre in Hastings Yellowstone Show, art published in 2000 in the book 'Legends of the Crane', John Mayer Award of Excellence 2006 and 2009, numerous Merit and Honorable Mentions at Art in the Park, Best of Show in 1995, 2000, 2005, 2007 at Wings Over the Platte Art Show and Competition and the 2010 Featured Artist at Wings Over the Platte at the Stuhr Museum in Grand Island, Nebraska. 2015-2020 Consignment Artist at Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center Alda NE. 2015 accepted to Bone Creek 150 Artist, 150 Artworks Show, 2019 Platinum Teal Appreciation Award Ducks Unlimited Inc.

"I enjoy working in a variety of different mediums including: oil, pastel, acrylic, and watercolor. I also do wood carvings, sculpture and papier mache. Wildlife is one of my favorite subjects. I have spent many hours hunting, observing, photographing and sketching. I try to balance composition, color and subject to create a painting that looks realistic but at the same time is also a quality piece of art.

The natural beauty I find in nature, along with the love I have of birds and animals, is what inspires me to paint."

Julie is very active and involved with nature and wildlife conservation programs donating her art work each year to support such causes. Her art is on display at the Mossy Pond Art Studio in Chapman, Nebraska.

Abby Jensen

Born and raised in Nebraska, Abby has always had a love of the outdoors and all kinds of animals. Growing up on a farm, she had the chance to be around horses, sheep, chickens, cats, dogs—the list goes on. These opportunities instilled a passion for life in Abby that still holds true today. Also, from an early age Abby had a camera in her hand. The grand-daughter of a newspaper photographer and daughter of a photography hobbyist, she was always taking photos.

Following high school, she traveled to Dallas, TX to study art and photography at Southern Methodist University. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she immediately went into the restaurant business, logical! Following 3 years of owning and operating her own restaurant, she began her telecommunications career with Great Plains Communication in Blair, NE. Then in 1998, she made the move to Colorado and Level 3 Communications in Broomfield. After almost 10 years in corporate America and living in Colorado, she realized that her love of the outdoors, animals and photography was needing some attention—she needed to make a change and pursue her passions.

In 2002, she picked up her camera once again and began photographing horses and her next business was born. For 8 years, she traveled the country from farm to farm photographing some of the most beautiful horses in the world. Following the economic downturn which effected the horse industry tremendously, she began filling her time by photographing wildlife. Following some success in the field, NEBRASKAland Magazine picked up 2 of her stories. This was the confirmation she needed to commit to wildlife and nature photography.

Through Jensen Photography, Abby has developed a honed eye for stunning landscape photography accurately capturing a wide array of locations. Abby’s stunning photography brings to life the best of the Yampa Valley, American Midwest, the wilds of Alaska and the Hudson Bay as well as the plains of Kenya and the lush regions of Peru.

In addition to a talented eye, Abby brings an extraordinary amount of patience to her work, waiting for hours to capture the perfect shot. This patience is evident in the many images capturing animals in their most natural repose.

Having a Fine Arts Degree from Southern Methodist University, Abby is a classically trained photographer. She holds strong to her classically trained eye and approach to photography. Using very little technical enhancement, her images are true to nature. Searching for light that dances and capturing moments in time is her ultimate goal. Having a love and respect for wild places in the world, conservation and the safety of the wildlife is close to her heart. She only photographs animals in their natural habitat.

Steamboat has been a special place for Abby since the age of 12. Having traveled from Nebraska to Steamboat for the holidays during her early childhood and teen years, she has been attached to this remarkable area since she was a little girl. Abby knew that one day she would become a resident of Steamboat. In March of 2012, Steamboat officially became her new home town. Of course, there were business reasons for the move. Wildlife and nature are abundant in Steamboat Springs, Routt County, Jackson County, Moffatt County, and her new home is not far from Rocky Mountain National Park, Nebraska, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Shortly after her arrival in Steamboat, she became an owner at Circle 7 Fine Art. After its closing in 2016, she and other local artists opened Pine Moon Fine Art in September of 2016. Proving to be the right step in her career—showing in a gallery filled with amazing artists helps to show case her work, as well as challenge her artistically. For more information, please visit her website

Jack and Norma Stevens

The fine arts and graphic arts programs at McCook Community College, plus numerous workshops with nationally-recognized artists, have provided Norma the foundation for her to expand her art career.. She particularly enjoys the unexpected qualities and serendipitous moments that can be captured with watercolors. She is fascinated with the medium’s brilliance, its clarity, and its transparency. Norma’s work has been exhibited with the Midwest Watercolor Society, Kansas Watercolor Society, Association of Nebraska Art Clubs, and Kentucky Watercolor Society, where she is a signature member. She also participates in many art festivals in the in Nebraska and beyond, and is a member of the juried Impact Nebraska Artists.

Norma describes her inspiration as a watercolor artist:

“Inspiration comes from the unexpected. It might be a shadow from flowers in the garden or on the patio. It might be the sunlight streaming through a window on the counter. It might be a landscape which offers innumerable opportunities for grabbing the palette and brushes to capture those moments. I prefer the brilliance and clarity of watercolors and the lusciousness they exude.”

Photographer Jack Stevens was born and reared on the Great Plains of Nebraska. As a youth, he had a strong interest in photography and art. His subject matter includes the Great Plains, seascapes, sailing boats, and international scenes from Europe, the South Seas, the Caribbean, and other locations. Jack is a “non-selfie photographer” and shoots slides with his 35-millimeter Nikon and medium format Bronica film cameras. Besides color prints, he develops most of his black and white photos. His photographs have been published in the Omaha World-Herald and Nebraska Life Magazine, and his work was chosen to be incorporated for the donor walls at the Community Hospital in McCook. Jack has been a featured artist numerous times and participated in many art festivals. He is also a member of the Golden Plains Artists and the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs and he has juried photography shows at several county fairs.

Jack’s describes his passion as follows: “I feel nature offers so much interest and beauty and that is where my passions rest. Ansel Adams is my hero with his ideas of the zones of light.”