How To Help

Donor Levels

The Crane Trust depends on support from our friends in order to protect habitat that an estimated 800,000 cranes use during the spring migration. The following three donor levels were created for those who are passionate about the cranes and the Crane Trust. Friends at these giving levels are granted access to additional information and activities which occur at the Trust. Please take a moment to review these levels and see if you have an interest in becoming more involved.



Friends of the Trust receive an annual, professionally printed, hardcover crane season book each spring with a variety of wonderful high-resolution pictures we all love from that crane season. In addition, Friends of the Trust have access to priority VIP experience bookings for crane season each year and as a friend we will do all we can to support any special requests that you may have.

AMBASSADOR | $1000-$2499

As an Ambassador your thoughts and feelings towards the Trust and our work is vitally important. Members will of course receive the annual crane season photo book but in addition to that you will receive a quarterly personal letter from the Crane Trust President/CEO, Chuck Cooper, telling you the behind the scenes information on the challenges and triumphs that the Trust experiences. You will receive priority VIP experience bookings and are encouraged to directly contact Chuck with any questions or concerns that you may have.


The Presidents Council is very important group. This group receives all of the above, plus each crane season they are invited to come to the Crane Trust on a special night designated as the President Council VIP Crane Viewing Experience. During this time you can meet with other members of this group and be briefed on the latest news from the Crane Trust. In addition, should you and your family wish to use our cottages outside of crane season when the Trust is in full bloom, every possible effort will go into making your trip a memorable one. You may also contact the President/CEO directly and expect an immediate reply.