July Artist of the Month

Crane Trust is pleased to announce Pat James as our featured artist through July 28th.

July Artist - Pat James

Pat James’ art is inspired by the pastureland she calls home along the Missouri River, near Lynch, Nebraska. Pat uses digital photography to document and interpret the landscapes, including natural and man-made elements.

Her art is both familiar and surreal, and bring a chance to reflect on the places she is capturing. Pat has been inspired by the areas around her home specifically including the Fort Randall Dam and the Yankton Sioux Reservation.

Pat has spent most of her life working with her love of art. She studied at both Bradley University in Illinois and the University of Minnesota. Pat also worked at the University of Minnesota as a teacher and researcher. Following her retirement from the university in 2010, she has focused her art and life in rural Nebraska.


July artist - pat james art workPlease visit us to enjoy Pat James’ work which is located in the Visitor Center at Crane Trust.

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