Protect the South Side of the Platte River

Ensure a Future for this Ecosystem by Helping the Crane Trust Protect the South Side of the Platte River

The Crane Trust has been defending the Big Bend Region of the Platte River for nearly 40 years. In that time, we’ve made remarkable strides in the protection of this unique prairie and ecosystem. Despite those strides, we still face many threats that could undo 40 years of hard work. However, we have come up with a plan that will ensure this habitat will be protected forever.

The Crane Trust currently owns and protects seven miles of land along the north side of the Platte River. Our goal over the next few years will be to protect the same seven-mile stretch on the south side of the river. Currently, those seven miles are under the private ownership of several different individuals.

Help the Crane Trust protect the south side of the river.

The Crane Trust already has an important foothold on the south side. A great friend of the Trust made an initial gift that led the Trust to purchase a portion on the west end and we also own a conservation easement on the first two miles at the east end. If we didn’t own that easement, the housing area that was later developed near there would have come up to the river, destroying a large crane roost. It is possible that something like this could happen anywhere on the remainder of this portion of the river.

This is a long-term project. We estimate it will take $15 million dollars to bring all of these lands under protection. The good news is we have positive relationships with the landowners, and most care about the protection of their land as much as we do.

We have the beginnings of our great vision; now we need your help to complete it. If these lands are to be protected, it will only happen with the support of individuals such as you. Just imagine kayaking down the Platte River, a natural prairie with a thriving ecosystem on both sides of you. You can be a part of that legacy.

We hope you’ll consider a contribution to the Crane Trust. Your support will ensure that these lands will be protected for generations to come.


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