5 Unique Discoveries You’ll Find at the Crane Trust in 2018

You’ve just discovered a unique gem hidden in the middle of Nebraska, now find out how to make unforgettable memories at the Crane Trust.

1. Sandhill Crane Migration

The arrival of the cranes on Nebraska’s Platte River—and the millions of other migratory birds that visit each spring—is one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on the continent. Public viewing tours are available and begin booking in January but for those looking to immerse themselves in an all-inclusive VIP experience, don’t delay as our 2018 season is already 80% booked.

2. Beyond the Cranes

While the great Sandhill Crane migration makes the Crane Trust an incredible destination during the month of March, there is much more to experience here year-round. The Crane Trust offers a variety of photo workshops or you can host your executive or corporate retreat here and escape to nature as a means to inspire your team.

Jam session on the pond around the fire pit after a long days work at the Crane Trust is just what these guys needed.

3. Discover the Prairie

The Crane Trust re-introduced plains bison to the Platte River ecosystem and this growing herd of 70 serve as an important restorative step in the Crane Trust’s long-term goals for managing the region’s habitat and ecology for cranes and other migratory birds. You may pass the herd while exploring over 10 miles of mowed grassland trails crisscrossing the prairie for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.

4. Globally Important Bird Area

Due to the work the Crane Trust does in collaboration with other conservation partners, there are species either flourishing or actively recovering on Crane Trust lands. In 2017, the Crane Trust was certified as a globally important bird area (IBA) thanks to the Whooping Cranes and the huge abundance of Sandhill Cranes that visit us each year. There is no shortage of wildlife to be discovered.

5. Crane Trust’s 40th Anniversary

The Crane Trust will be hosting a celebration this June to show our appreciation to the many staff, volunteers, community members and friends of the Trust, because without your support we wouldn’t be able to achieve the success that we have these last 40 years.