Tracking Old Friends – Continued 4

Slate, Olive, Indigo, and Crimson are all staging in Saskatchewan. For the past week or more they have been recovering from the migration from Texas into Canada and will soon be moving on into Siberia. It is no surprise when your migration is thousands of miles long that there will be more than one staging area along the way. Staging sites are critical for migrants to complete their migration and produce offspring successfully. The Platte River is one of the 40 major staging areas for birds in the world. These areas are where large concentrations of birds all meet at once to get a snack. Some other hot spots include Cheyenne Bottoms in Kansas, Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin, Lake Erie, Panama, Tierra del Fuego in South America, Lake Chad in Africa, and the Islands of the South China Sea. All of these sites and more become essential resources for migrants, and spectacles for the observer.

Below you can see a map of the staging in Saskatchewan, Canada for each crane. The bright blue dots are the most recent point received from the tracking device and came in through satellite in the last few days. We’ll pass along the news once these cranes decide to take flight and make their way to Alaska and through to Siberia.


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