Youth Engagement

A huge part of the Crane Trust mission is to promote conservation through outreach and education to get Nebraskans, Americans, and others engaged with their local wildlife and how it ties to our world-wide ecosystem.

Nebraska is home to a huge variety of birds, plants, and other wildlife. We love to showcase this diversity to groups and individuals interested in the natural world. The staff at the Crane Trust are always ready to take time and show groups around our trail system where you can view the north channel of the Platte River, and set foot into the largest contiguous tract of untilled prairie left on the central Platte River. In addition to our public community events the Crane Trust offers presentations to interested groups about aspects of Platte River ecology, geology, natural history, and biology. Past examples are: teaching third grade students the unique nature of a braided river followed by a tour to the river where students could watch erosion and deposition occur before their eyes. We have also invited local High Schools to bring students out to view the cranes on our Bridge Tour just outside the Nature and Visitor Center. For more information about these activities please contact

Students and children also find great interest and excitement in volunteer work at the Trust. We have a history of working with groups like local student groups to complete service learning projects. These projects both help Crane Trust staff to complete our mission as well as educate, inform, and engage youth.These activities are generally customized by age group, and fits the immediate needs of the Trust. For example, Wood River High School students have come and regularly cut the invasive red cedars which encroach on hundreds of acres of native prairie each year in Nebraska. The Grand Island chapter of Roots and Shoots has assisted multiple years on weeding and seeding our native flower garden, or assisted with butterfly counts. Scouts haveparticipatedin service learning projects.  If you have a project in mind we would love to hear from you. If you would like to get in contact with usabout service learning or volunteer projectsplease contact

KC King, Brice Krohn, and Andrew Caven