We exist to  protect and maintain the physical, hydrological and biological integrity of the Big Bend area of the Platte River so that it continues to function as a life support system for whooping cranes, sandhill cranes and other migratory bird species. With your help we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

Today we counted 13,120+1,950 Sandhill Cranes along the Platte River, predominantly near Mormon and Shoemaker Islands, Hall County, NE.

On February 7th we spent the afternoon discussing the Crane Trust mission of protecting and restoring migratory bird habitat to Grand Island Senior High School (GISH) students. Students learned how research, land management, and cooperative partnerships are used to accomplish our mission.

Welcome back to spring migration!

We counted 6,150+240 Sandhill Cranes today in the Central Platte River Valley, detecting the bulk of the cranes between Grand Island and Alda, Nebraska. Sandhill Cranes were also detected between Alda and Wood River, as well as Gibbon and Minden in lower numbers. We counted 61,000 dark geese, with a large proportion of those being Cackling Geese spread throughout the survey route from Chapman to Overton, Nebraska. We also counted 19 Trumpeter Swans.