The Crane Trust is a habitat conservation nonprofit organization located on the beautiful Platte River in South Central Nebraska. In addition to offering tours of one of the greatest migrations in the world, the Trust works year-round to protect and preserve nearly 10,000 acres of critical habitat for endangered Whooping Cranes, Sandhill Cranes, and countless other species sharing fragile river and prairie ecosystems.

On February 29th we estimated 272,000 +/- 43,000 sandhill cranes between Chapman and Overton NE. This is over double what we had last week and is another record for the year!

Another record week! On February 24, 2024, we estimated 122,700 +/- 9,100 Sandhill Cranes between Chapman and Overton, NE. On average, this time of year we see around 27,000 cranes. The previous record was recorded as 82,000 in 2016.

On February 14th, 2024, we estimated 38,000 ± 6,800 Sandhill Cranes between Chapman and Overton, NE. This is the highest count on record during the first week of our aerial surveys.