The Crane Trust is a habitat conservation nonprofit organization located on the beautiful Platte River in South Central Nebraska. In addition to offering tours of one of the greatest migrations in the world, the Trust works year-round to protect and preserve nearly 10,000 acres of critical habitat for endangered Whooping Cranes, Sandhill Cranes, and countless other species sharing fragile river and prairie ecosystems.

On Monday we estimated 57,000 +/- 4,200 Sandhill Cranes between Overton and Chapman NE. This is a whopping (or should I say whooping) 85% decrease from last Wednesday.

This week on April 3rd, we saw 392,000 +/- 55,000 Sandhill Cranes between Overton, NE, and Chapman, NE. This is around a 24% decrease from what we saw last week. However, we saw a substantial increase in the western segments, specifically between Kearney and Gibbon. We are actually back to beating some records, as the previous record for week 8 (March 31st-April 6th) is 310,000 in 2003!

On March 28th, we estimated 486,000 +/- 78,000 Sandhill Cranes between Chapman and Overton along with at least 91 Whooping Cranes reported between our partners! This is the 3rd week in a row with numbers above 400,000, which has only been recorded a few times in recent years. Last week’s prediction of having a “low and slow peak” seems to be holding up. Many questions won’t be answered till the moment is already past, but there is one question we can finally answer that we were asked repeatedly this year, “Will there be cranes around at the end of March?” I can confidently say yes, plenty!