Virtual Crane Tours

The Crane Trust Offers Virtual Tours of the Sandhill Crane Migration

The Crane Trust, a nonprofit habitat maintenance organization in central Nebraska, has come up with a novel approach for viewing the one-of-a-kind sandhill crane migration each spring.

During the annual migration, 1 million or more sandhill cranes pass through central Nebraska on their way to breeding grounds in the north. It’s not unusual for more than 200,000 cranes to be found along the Platte River near the Crane Trust at any given time.

During a typical spring, up to 4,000 people view the cranes from blinds at the Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center. Another 1,000 experience the migration from VIP blinds on Crane Trust land. The money raised contributes significantly to our year-round habitat maintenance efforts.

Any $75 or more donation to support Crane Trust’s mission will provide around-the-clock access to a crane viewing camera throughout March. A donation can also be made as a gift to grant access for the recipient.

Guided tours will begin 30 minutes before sunrise and an hour before sunset each day. The guides will offer insights and answer questions submitted online without interrupting the spectacle of the cranes leaving their roosts in the morning and returning in the evening.

The state-of-the-art camera will offer a broad perspective of the Platte along with zoom and pan capabilities.

To make a donation and sign up for 2022 Virtual Crane Tours, click below.