Wild Rose Ranch

The Crane Trust’s Wild Rose Ranch is located on 5,000 continuous acres of native prairie and wet meadows that are owned and managed by the Crane Trust.

The main ranch facility is closed to the public except for reserved and scheduled activities. The Ranch includes the Headquarters Offices and Classroom, with an outdoor deck and observation platform with breathtaking views of the tall-grass prairie and Platte River waterway. The Ranch is also home to the Crane Trust's cottages, dormitory, research laboratory, and private crane-viewing blinds. Crane Trust is preserving this uninterrupted seven-mile stretch of the historic Platte River to mirror the unique and extraordinary habitat that has been used by the endangered whooping crane and two sub-species of Sandhill Cranes for millennia. Reservations are required to access the facilities and rare ecosystem.


Access this private land by booking a VIP Crane Viewing Experience in March (for guests ages 18 and older). The VIP Experience is a unique and memorable way to spend time with friends, family, colleagues or clients while enjoying the natural wonder of the crane migration. Accommodations and activities throughout the year may be available. Please contact us with inquiries.

Address: 6611 W Whooping Crane Drive
Wood River, NE 68883

Reservations required to access land.


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