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Crane Trust Members get exclusive unlimited access to our Virtual Crane Viewing Tours. As a member, you can view one of the greatest migrations in the world every day throughout March! CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER

Guided tours will begin 30 minutes before sunrise and an hour before sunset, Wednesday through Sunday each week in March. Your virtual guides will offer live observations and insights as you view the spectacle of the cranes leaving their roosts in the morning and returning to the river in the evening. As you watch and listen, you can submit questions online for the guides to answer. Please join us!

During the annual migration, one million or more sandhill cranes pass through central Nebraska on their way to breeding grounds in the north. It’s not unusual for more than 200,000 cranes to be found along the Platte River near the Crane Trust at any given time.

Check out the video below to see a few highlights from our virtual crane tour camera!

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As a member, you receive around-the-clock access to a live crane viewing camera throughout March in addition to the guided virtual tours.

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