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Camping with Cranes

Every year my partner and I sleep in a small wooden box or hay bale blind on –or sometimes in– the Platte River. We brave the cold weather and often a wet night on a tarp to see the cranes until the last bits of light disappear and reappear. Doing this allows us to get even closer and more personal with the cranes. However, as to not scare the cranes you are locked in the blind from early evening until late morning, including using a sanitary bucket system for bodily functions. This year we were in the blind from about ~6:30 PM to 11:00 AM because the cranes left the river late considering morning fog. I have provided some of my favorite photos and videos from this year to our marketing staff to distribute on social media so folks can experience the Sandhill Crane migration virtually given these challenging times. We miss you all on the Platte! Until next spring – Andy